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        ISO 9001 : 2008




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We are a registered Company Under 1956 Company Act, Govt of India, strictly under the Auditing policies. Our Company is headed by ten Directors who are the pioneers in their feild of work and well known Social figures.

Our Company's Managing Director Sri K. Radhakrishnan is an expert on the "Chits and Funds" for years. With a good infrastructure over 2500 Sq Ft area at Malapuram District, Edappal, Near Shukapuram Hospital we are fully equipped to help you grow financially.

The office also has a private Auction hall to conduct the official Auction on the Scheduled date with seating Capacity over 50 at a time

It is a proven factor that timely investments, gets huge returns. Shukapuram Kuries serves as the Best Investment Option, for all the average needs of a comman man such as acquring a higher education for children, marriage, purchasing a car etc.

Shukapuram Kuries is proud to introduce a new scheme "Samrudhi Gold Villa Plus" which help every individual to attain their dream home.

Shukapuram Kuries Pvt Ltd has a strong customer support department, with a dedicated marketing team to enhance the Financial strength of the Company and its valuable Clients. Please feel free to contact our Customer Care team to join the latest Kuri, or Book your application online.